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ANKY-FREE RIDER core stability developer
Anky Free Rider offers you a wonderful exercise which stimulates the cardiovascular system and the body as a whole. The unique combination of movements of both horse and rider require much effort and coordination, which stimulate the balance within your whole body.
When a horse moves, the rider continuously tries to maintain his/her balance on the horse's back as he/she is constantly thrown off balance. In an effort to re-balance, this exercise causes the rider's deep muscles to contract and relax. These muscles are not accessible for training in traditional physical therapy.

The tree-dimensional rythmical movements of the Anky Free Rider work on the deep postural muscles of the trunk, pelvis, hips and adductor muscles of the thighs. Other muscles , such as the quadriceps and hamstring are also worked on.

The Anky Free Rider helps you to find a better balance, core-stability, and will also help you lose weight by slimming your hips and waist.

Always consult your doctor before using the Anky Free Rider.

This product may take up to 6 weeks to deliver depending on availablity. Please enquire in the shop for up to date delivery times.

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ANKY-FREE RIDER core stability developer
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